Top 5 YouTube Comment Finder Tools For You
Top 5 YouTube Comment Finder Tools For You

YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform on the internet with over 2 billion active monthly users. This means around 47% of the global internet users are also YouTube users. Its 2.49 billion user count places it as the second-most used social media platform. So you can only imagine how many people use the platform at the same time. Now imagine finding a specific comment in one of the most viewed videos on the platform. Tiring, isn't it? So scrolling through YouTube comments and finding a gem is a tedious and challenging task. It is even more difficult when you want to find one specific type of comment on the wide comment sections across various videos. This is why you need a YouTube comment finder that will make your job so easy and simple in just a few clicks!

However, the market has various YouTube comment finders. Does that mean each one of them works the same way? No, some work better than others, and here are the best 5 YouTube comment finders for you!

1.    Hadzy

One of the best working YouTube comment search sites is Hadzy which allows users to search comments from any video, or sort and analyze them. Using the application is super easy too. You just have to copy and paste the URL of the desired YouTube video into Hadzy's search bar. Then users can easily filter the entire comments section of that particular video. This is a great tool if you want to get more insight into public response to a video or get an overall view.

2.    YT Comment Finder

The second place is captured by YT Comment Finder which is a free tool that makes searching and finding YouTube a lot easier, simpler, and more straightforward. Just take the URL of the video where you intend to find the comment, paste it into the search bar of YT Comment Finder, and hit the search button. You will quickly get the results which are also organized. It also allows users to browse through the comments with ease. The most exciting thing about using this tool is that it is absolutely free.

3.    YouTube First Comment Finder

YouTube allows its creators to find the first comment on their videos. However, when it is not done immediately, it can be a tedious process, searching through countless comments.  YouTube First Comment Finder is a tool online that makes it easier to find the earliest comment on any YouTube video. All the user needs to do is enter the URL of the YouTube video and the website will automatically filter the first comment for the user.

YouTube comment finder extensions

4.    YouTube Comment Search

YouTube Comment Search is an extension that you can use in the Google Chrome Web Browser. It allows you to easily search and then filter comments on a YouTube video. The extension integrates directly into YouTube's interface. This helps with quickly finding keywords, or phrases in seconds.

5.    Show YouTube Comments While Watching

This is another extension that works best if you want to read YouTube comments while watching a video on the video streaming platform. This chrome extension makes comments appear on the right side of the video players in the place of suggested videos which then relocate underneath the video.

Use any of these five tools and enjoy reading your favorite and most insightful YouTube video without any problem! However, if you are a creator and want to grow your YouTube channel organically, get help from Videoipsum. It is one of the most reliable video marketing websites on the market, offering effective services at an affordable price range.



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