Why Does Playing Decluttering Videos on YouTube Feel So Satisfying?
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There’s a new obsession on the internet that several people have vouched to be the antidote for their anxious and wound-up souls and it is… Decluttering videos!

Yes! These videos of individuals tidying up their rooms, closets, and other spaces have gained a massive fan following. They have been said to have had a satisfying and calming effect on viewers. Research has proven that the human brain is fond of order; when things are cluttered around people, their stimuli are affected which affects their sense of calmness. Watching the mess being cleared and organized therefore be relaxing for the viewers.

But what lies at the depth of this obsession? There are several points to consider in this aspect:

The Neurological Impact:

Before and after videos of makeovers, whether it is fashion or beauty or interior and exterior decor of homes, have a universal appeal. The cerebral cortex is responsible for the majority of the higher functions, which include cognitive functions like memory, planning, learning, reasoning, and attention; sensory functions; motor functions as well as emotive functions Studies have shown that the brain is aversive to uncertainty and responds to it with a signal that compels the mind to pay more attention, thereby leading it to overwork and get exhausted. Watching decluttering videos gives the brain a sense of predictability and order that can interrupt the brain’s uncertainty response and whirls the focus away from the stress stimuli. As a result, these videos are almost instant engaging by their very design.

Impact on mental Health:

Decluttering and organizing are mindful activities that enable an individual to be in touch with the present effectively. When a person watches someone else declutter, the brain naturally helps put them in the shoes of the other person and gives them second-hand satisfaction. Sometimes the physical space of a person is representative of their mental state. Often when an individual’s mind is cluttered with stray thoughts, anxiety, and fear, they tend to procrastinate organizing their physical space as well. Watching videos of others decluttering their space can ease this feeling to some extent and can even inspire people to get up and emulate the same in their own lives. It creates a possibility for everyone to attain an impeccable physical space for themselves. Also, the end result provides viewers with a sort of completion satisfaction.

Things to Remember:

Like all unwinding antidotes, these videos also need to have a limit on consumption. It is often too easy to get addicted to the bits of satisfaction that these videos provide and to lose track of time. One must always remember to keep a balance and have a bit of exposure to sunlight, exercise and maintain hygiene, and social and personal relationships. Like all videos, decluttering videos might also tend to create unnatural expectations. A content check is a must: after watching a video, if the content makes a viewer feel uneasy or unsatisfied, it is better for that viewer to refrain from watching such videos.

Decluttering videos, when watched bearing the above in mind can prove to be immensely therapeutic for the viewers.

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