Monetization on YouTube: How To Make Money From Your Videos ?
Monetization on YouTube: How To Make Money From Your Videos ?

Having the benefits of YouTube monetization is a dream that every content creator on the platform sees when they start creating content. Be it a singer, a chef, or a painter, everyone who posts on YouTube dreams of earning money from the platform. But if you are a YouTuber, you know that without any hustle, getting recognition on YouTube is not possible. Monetizing YouTube videos for a sustainable long term is something that creators need to learn in order to earn!

There are several ways to monetize your YouTube videos and channels. Some of them include joining the "standard" program, paying advertising revenues, making money through sponsorships, etc. So let's start with the beginner's guide on how to monetize YouTube channels and videos, finally earning you money from all the hard work.

How do you get monetized on YouTube?

The most known and common way to monetize YouTube videos is by using the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). When you reach partner status on YouTube, it is an upgrade for your channel which further helps monetize the YouTube community. If you reach certain levels on the platform, you can start making money from videos through advertisements. The platform pays creators through the Google AdSense program. However, it takes a while to understand the system clearly and how it works. For starters, understand that when a viewer clicks an advertisement within your video, YouTube gets revenue. This revenue is then split between the creator and the platform, where the creator gets 55% of the revenue and YouTube gets the other 45%.

What are the requirements for YouTube monetization?

To join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), there are certain milestones that any creator on the biggest video streaming platform needs to reach. If you want to make money from the platform’s fan funding, like Super Chats, channel memberships, Super Thanks, etc. here are the minimum requirements your channel has to have.

        Your channel must have 50 subscribers.

        You must make at least three public posts in the last 90 days.

        Your channel must have 3 million public views on YouTube Shorts in the last 90 days or 3000 public watch hours in the past 12 months.

Now these are the requirements for your channel to be eligible to earn through the YouTube Partners Program. If you want to earn with video advertisements, here are the requirements for that.

        Your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.

        Your videos must have 10 million public views on YouTube Shorts in the last 90 days, or 4,000 hours of public watch time on your normal-length videos within a 12-month time period.

It is good news that once you are in the YouTube Partner Program, you are in for life. Even if you have entered the program with just 500 subscriptions and 300 watch hours, you do not need to re-apply once you hit 1000 subscribers or 4000 watch hours. You will simply unlock the revenue tools on the platform on your own that you did not have access to before.

How do creators join the YouTube Partner Program?

The first step of joining the YouTube Partner Program is to meet all the above-mentioned requirements. Once your channel has met all the requirements YouTube has, you are absolutely ready to apply for the partner program. You can apply for the YPP on the YouTube Studio's "earn' page. This page also tracks how much watch time your channel has and how many subscribers you have gained on the platform. When you get a green light from YouTube, simply apply on this page.

If you apply for the YPP and get rejected the first time, you will have to wait for 21 days to appeal the decision. After the appeal, you will have to wait for 30 more days before you can re-apply again. So what happens when you are rejected for the second time? Well, you still have to wait 21 days to appeal the decision, but you can re-apply only after 90 days this time. This may seem harsh at first glance, but this is a very balanced approach that the platform has taken. This is because YouTube prioritizes new applicants over repetitive ones. Use this long time period to fix any issues or any unsavory things on your channel. This might be any copyright claims or any video that harms the guidelines of the YouTube Community.

How do YouTube creators enable monetization?

Once you have met all the requirements for the platform and entered the YouTube Partner Program, you need to turn on monetization for as many videos as it is physically possible. The best thing is you can do this while continuing to upload new content on the platform. However, it is always safer to wait until after you have uploaded videos, at least a few hours. By that time the platform will have processed the content. You will get notice if YouTube found anything that could demonetize the video, such as copyright claims, adult themes, or extreme profanity. You will get a notice and the video will be demonetized immediately. So before you even enter the YPP or upload videos on the platform on a regular basis, make sure you are thorough with the platform's Community Guidelines.

Now let's see how a creator can enable advertisements on YouTube videos and earn money.

        First, go to the YouTube Studio.

        On the left navigation bar, click on “Content”.

        Select the videos that you want to monetize.

        On the left menu, click on “Monetization”.

        Choose the types of advertisements you want to display on your videos.

        Click on “Save” to continue.

Now it is important to remember that not all of your videos will show advertisements even if you add monetization to them. So the best way to fully monetize a video and earn money through it is to create content that is in the PG to PG-13 range.

How do creators earn from YouTube Fan Funding?

When your channel has 500 subscribers or 3000 hours of watch time, creators can unlock YouTube Fan Funding on the platform and earn money directly from the audiences as a form of revenue. There are three main avenues to earn through YouTube Fan Funding, they are -

        Super Thanks - This is YouTube's newest feature that allows viewers to buy digital goods such as stickers to show their appreciation for the creator and their content. You need to promote this feature more in your post to encourage more fans to use it.

        Super Chats - It is a way to earn more through YouTube live streams. These are donations or tips that your audience can leave for you, ranging from $1 to $500.

        Channel memberships - Memberships on YouTube come with exclusive perks like private streams and loyalty badges. This offers creators a personalized way to earn money on the video streaming platform and the memberships can range from $0.99 to $100 per month.

Having a monetized YouTube channel is what any creator can dream of. So focus on creating good content and promoting your channel to achieve the status of entering the YouTube Partner Program. If you need help gaining more visibility on YouTube, work with VideoIpsum, a reputed video marketing company that offers exclusive services at an affordable price. .


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