YouTube has new priorities for 2023: AI Tools and more ways to earn
YouTube has new priorities for 2023

YouTube has been constantly making new changes to make this platform even more useful for the creators. With its new lead, Neal Mohan, the platform is incorporating new ideas as well as tools to empower millions of creators. Mohan has announced the company’s priorities for this year and it is evident that the platform is going to offer more features and tools for the creators to grow more effectively and efficiently through new opportunities to expand their businesses.

Considering the challenging macroeconomic climate, YouTube is bringing more ways to make money for everyone. It does not require to say that YouTube is growing constantly and with more than six million viewers with paid channel membership till December 2022; the platform is witnessing an increase of 20% from the last year. Let’s check some of the priorities they set for this year. 

Creator Feedback

Listening to the creators is what YouTube is currently focusing on in order to support them in the right areas. Mohan is willing to meet creators in person as well to get their feedback which can initiate more ideas, helping in the development of YouTube Products. For example, recently creators have been very vocal about broadening accessibility for differently-abled people. Listening to that, YouTube quickly provided automatic captions in more languages with the help of machine learning. 

For the Future

Investing more in features and user experience, YouTube is planning to create a better future for viewers and creators. By doubling down its streaming and TV features, the company is looking forward to unlocking the new creative potential for the creators. Mohan observed the growth of TV as the fastest-growing screen last year while YouTube Shorts became greatly popular in the market. Therefore, the platform has adapted the mobile experience of Shorts to a TV-friendly format.

Unlocking More Creativity

YouTube Shorts gave creators a greater reach with over 50 billion daily views on average. The number of channels that upload Shorts increased up to 80% drastically. Even podcast hosts are able to showcase their content with the new features of YouTube Studio. The platform also plans to bring RSS integration later this year that will offer podcasters newer ways of posting their show while providing more listening options for the users. YouTube is currently working on a new tool that will allow creators to record a Short in a side-by-side layout with both Shorts and YouTube videos in order to offer more interactivity, fun, and reactions. 

AI in Digital Video

The influence of Artificial Intelligence is widely noticeable across every other industry and YouTube is trying the same as well. The platform is working on sophisticated AI tools for creators to grow their ambitions across Shorts, live, podcasts, and videos as well. With help of the latest technology and AI generative capabilities, the creators are able to create more innovative content while improving production value. 

Bottom Line

It is clear that YouTube is expanding rapidly and so are the opportunities for growing businesses through this platform. With more exciting features, it might help the creators to come up with great content. But a crucial task of reaching out to the target audience still remains. Top promotional agencies like Videoipsum can help with YouTube promotion. The company is well known for its highly affordable and effective promotional packages that can empower all kinds of creators on the platform.



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