Learn Which Camera Would Be the Best Choice for Your YouTube Channel

If you are still debating whether to start a YouTube channel, then it is never too late. The most important thing when you are planning to start a video channel on YouTube is the visuals and for that, you need a functioning camera. But how do you decide on that? So worry no more because here you will get the knowledge about cameras and at the end, you will be able to settle down on which camera you should buy. Because frankly, there are too many options but not all are going to give you a similar result. So read along.


Where should you start?


While starting on YouTube, the most cost-effective and easiest way to start is by using your smartphone or tablet. This entire process will help you understand whether you enjoy making videos or not and it does not need any major investment in cameras.


Use Your Smartphone:


If your phone was made after 2005, then it can record a video at a reasonable resolution. For a standard youtube channel video, you would ideally want a camera that records 1080p but the first step would be starting with your smartphone. If you are not sure about what resolution your camera records in, do a quick google search about it. Some smartphones only record 1080p from the back camera but when it comes to the front camera, the resolution stays at 720p. There are lots of new smartphones that are even reaching 4K which is much higher and clearer than 1080p. But again, if you are just starting, start with what you already have.


Buy a used camera:


Another option that can benefit you is if you buy an already-used camera from Craigslist or eBay. For beginners, you will be able to get a used Sony a6000 or Sony a5100 for under $300. These are older but have great image quality which makes them the perfect match if you are trying to switch from a smartphone to a digital camera. Canon also has great options in the same price range like Canon T3i, T5i, or T7i.


New digital cameras:


If you want to start fresh the price range starts from $500 for a body and for an extra kit lens you have to pay $100. For YouTube videos, there are great options like Canon SL2, SL3, and Canon M50. If your budget can go a little higher than the recommendation would be Sony's mirrorless Alpha Series camera which includes a6000, a6100, a6300, and a6400. The a6100 and the a6400 are the newest models of this series which have unlimited recording time in 1080p.


The Vlog cameras:


For vlogging, the newest smartphones do the same trick as digital cameras. One of the most popular vlog point-and-shoot cameras is the Canon G7X. A brand new one will cost $750 whereas a used item can come at $400-500. Another popular camera for vlogging is the SonyRX100 which comes at a higher price point.


The advanced cameras:


If you are looking for some of the highest quality cameras, then the price range will start from $1200 and go beyond $2000 or more which will have a lens factored in. Some of the most popular options include the Sony a6600, Canon EOS R, Canon 90D, and Sony a7iii. In these cameras, lenses make a huge difference, so if your goal is to make YouTube videos, then look for a lens 16mm to 50mm that has an F stop of f1.8 or lower.


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