With “Listening Room”, YouTube Music Lends an Ear to Its Users
“Listening Room” on YouTube Music App

When it comes to Music Streaming apps, YouTube Music holds a paramount position. Despite being a subsidiary of the main YouTube app, the wide listeners’ community, the deft handling by Google’s skilled developers, and the ever-improving additions and features made the app hold its own. But now, the app is turning to the feedback of users to improve itself in a closed beta program.

In an attempt to improve the YouTube Music app, the YouTube Music team has introduced a program called a “Listening Room” allowing certain users to have early access to the new features that the app introduces and provide their feedback.

 How will users benefit from the “Listening Room”?

 The “Listening Room” introduced by the YouTube Music team would allow users to get hold of the newest features introduced by the app and offer their precious feedback to the development team who can then make modifications accordingly.

 If selected, the users will be part of an exclusive tester group who would have access to all new features before anyone else does. Moreover, they will also be connected to a committed Discord group of the YouTube Music product team who would prioritize the feedback and suggestions. These exclusive users will also have an annual subscription to YouTube Music for free.

 This feedback will enable users to contribute to making the app more user-friendly and play an active role in shaping the future of the app, tailored to fulfill the needs of the users.

 Eligibility Criteria and Procedure for Joining the “Listening Room”

 The eligibility criteria for joining the exclusive group is quite simple: all one has to do is to be a music-lover using YouTube Music as the primary music streaming app for one year, at least, besides other apps. The only other requirement is to have a Discord account so that users can join in the polls and provide timely feedback on the platform.

 Users will have to accept a confidentiality agreement of not sharing anything that goes on in the groups, be it new features or any conversation, which also includes not sharing pictures, taking screenshots, or recordings of any kind. Interested users can sign up for joining the “Listening Rooms” via Google Docs.

 The form comprises a basic questionnaire to determine the musical interests of the users, like what their primary music streaming app is, the frequency with which they listen to music on a streaming app, and any paid services from such apps the user might be subscribed to, among others. Once selected, users will receive a message or an email notifying them of their enrollment into the "Listening Room" in February 2023.


 The YouTube Music app has been much commended for the extensive selection of alternate song versions and remixes that have been sourced from the main YouTube site uploads. However, it has also received its fair share of criticism for lacking features available on the competitor apps like Apple Music and Spotify. With the introduction of the “Listening Room” it is evident that the team has become acquainted with these complaints and decided to take into consideration the feedback provided by the users.

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