6 Fundamental Practices Of YouTube Promotion To Grow Your Channel
YouTube Promotion

There is no doubt that video marketing has become one of the prime aspects of digital marketing in the past few years. With the latest marketing trends captivating people around the world, YouTube has also become a potentially competitive market for creators. The platform is offering a fair amount of opportunities to get popular which can be a great deal to establish a brand. However, gathering attention from the target audience is a daunting task.

What can make that daunting task easier is nothing but YouTube promotion. There are plenty of effective ways to promote your YouTube channel and following the fundamentals can enhance the process. Here are some effective practices that can help you grow your channel.

  1. Focus on a single topic or keyword

The best way to drive more traffic and engagement is to create content based on a single topic. Similar keyword-oriented video content gains more SEO benefits when it comes to ranking on the search engine result page. Use any keyword generator and find the right keyword to work before even making the video. This makes sure you are gaining more traffic as soon as the video is premiered.

2.       Reuse existing content

There are many videos content on your channel that will gain more attention than the rest. You can make a content audit to find out the most engaging ones and reuse some of the elements to create something new which carries similar engaging flavors. This will help you create new content without wasting on production. Keep it short (under 5 min) and enjoyable.

3.       Don’t just wait for the audience

Certainly, you want to engage more audience to your video content but there is no point in waiting for audiences’ response on basis of SEO only. Drive more engagement by initiating conversation, making questions, creating shorts, comments, and wherever there is a point of interaction. YouTube rewards the videos and channels with top-ranking that contains more likes, comments, or any other activities. So, you should take the initiative before the audience.

4.       Focus on branding

Even if your content is great, the channel might not get enough engagement unless you are able to establish a brand. Provide a professional look to your channel to gain more subscribers. It is even greater if you have a blog site based on your content that offers necessary information regarding similar topics. For example, Nintendo once gathered 8.12 million subscribers for offering content on different games and consoles.

5.       Stand out with social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc have become an integral part of marketing. In a recent report, YouTube saw 90% engagement is generated by the overlapping promotion on these social sites. So, if you are able to create a brand profile on different social media accounts; you will be able to generate more like-minded viewers from a diverse community.

6.       Show up yourself

If you are running a small business or being an independent artist, it is a great idea to participate in the videos yourself. It churns out more authenticity and helps to put a face to your brand. You will be able to connect with your audience more easily since they are aware of the person behind the channel.

Bottom Line

Many other organic practices can help to boost your channel but it takes a fair amount of research and implementation of the aforementioned practices. If you are out of time or have to concentrate on the coming projects, you can always hire a professional agency that will help you with the task. Promotion is crucial for a YouTube channel’s growth and if you are not doing it yet, start now!



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