Why YouTube is considered the best platform for Creators in 2023
Why YouTube is considered the best platform for Creators in 2023

A lot of platforms for videos might have come but there is only one platform that stays atop and that will be YouTube. Yes, TikTok also counts but when it comes to empowering the creators on the platform, there is no one like YouTube. With its latest features and partner programs, YouTube seems to be even more beneficial for the creators this year. If you are not already aware of it, let's take a fresher look at YouTube in 2023.

1. YouTube Shorts

This short form of video format has been introduced back in September 2022, and since then shorts have been performing very well in garnering views. YouTube has announced that it is going to make a huge investment in shorts this year which help the creators earn more revenue. The platform has declared that from this year, it will start pooling ad revenues from the shorts together and offer proper payouts to the creators on the platform based on their views generated from the shorts. 

There is an update in the partner program as well since creators can become partners now by having 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views in the last 90 days. Previously, this option of short views was not available and so creators had to gain 4,000 watch hours from videos. Now, they have both options open. 

2. Emphasis on Podcasts

As there is a huge demand for podcasts among users, YouTube is offering more features, especially for the podcast segment. In order to support the rising podcast creators on the platform, they have published a 60+ page document with an A to Z guide for podcasting. 

Not only podcast hosts and creators but viewers can also find more benefits with a new Explore page that helps to find trending podcasts based on categories. The platform is currently working on this podcast page which is going to get live in the middle of this year. 

3. Mass Education

The platform is offering a handful of benefits for educational creators as they help to generate more ideas among creators around the world. There will be a new ad-free video player for educational videos only which is also embeddable in a few educational apps.

The creators also do not require to go to a third-party platform to build courses as the qualified creators will be able to do it directly from YouTube for both free and paid courses. A new feature ‘Quzzies’ will be also introduced to check on audience knowledge while bringing more online engagement to the channel. 

Other than all these exciting features, there are many other reasons why creators should focus on YouTube in order to create a successful career and generate good revenue. Some of the key reasons are, 


·      YouTube has been around block for a long time since 2005. It understands the market well it is going to stay that way.

·      Big tech giants like Google and Alphabet Inc. are the parent companies who own YouTube and so, it is not going down soon or having any uncertainties like TikTok.

·      YouTube is constantly evolving and pushing its territory to offer more dynamic content to users. Similarly, different kinds of creators are able to embark on their journey as YouTuber. 

Wrapping Up

Quite evidently, YouTube seems quite a promising platform to initiate a career as a creator in 2023. However, with all these new features, there could be more competition among the creators when it comes to gaining attention from relevant and organic audiences. In that case, take help from professional promotional websites like VideoIpsum that can help you gain more attention in the field. 



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